Emerson Company Profile

About your company:

Emerson is a global leader in providing engineering technologies and services for customers in industrial, commercial and residential markets through two core business platforms: automation solutions and commercial and residential solutions. Emerson automation solutions delivers products and services to help companies in the upstream oil and gas and refining industries to maximize production, adapt to changing demand, ensure safety, and protect the environment while optimizing energy and operating costs. Emerson’s customers rely on industry expertise, consulting services and innovative automation technologies to help them achieve top quartile operational and capital performance compared to their peers.

Where is your company located?

The company is headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri, USA.

How many employees do you have?

We employ over 80,000 employees.

What is the companys priority over the next five years?

Emerson Automation Solutions’ goal is to help every customer operate a Top Quartile-performance operation. Over the next five years, this will mean finding more efficient ways of processing and transporting gas to market and increasing capacity while improving compliance and reducing fiscal risk. Emerson is committed to helping customers leverage innovative strategies and technologies that can help them achieve their business objectives by getting more out of existing resources and increasing operational flexibility to ensure profitability in any market.

What opportunities and challenges does your company face?

There have been amazing advances in automation technology in recent years that are revolutionizing the way many industries, including oil and gas, approach their business. While these breakthroughs have the potential to enable efficiencies that operators couldn’t have imagined a decade ago, the challenge Emerson faces is helping customers understand how automation can enhance their operations and create opportunities for increased profitability in an ever-changing and uncertain business environment.

In your opinion, what will be the role of natural gas in the next 50 years?

With the increasing growth of the liquefied natural gas sector, the decline of the coal industry, and increasing gas exports from the U.S., the natural gas market will become even more robust over the next several decades, putting an increasing impetus on producers to expand production and create efficiencies in order to meet growing demand.