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Over half of all Canadians rely on natural gas every day in their homes, businesses  and industry.

Over half of all Canadians rely on natural gas every day in their homes, businesses and industry.

SAVING ON ENERGY COSTS: Last year Canadian homes that chose natural gas for their space and water heating saved on average over $2,600 over other fuels options. As furnaces stay turned on for winter many are asking themselves how they can join in the savings.

LNG: A total of 4.71 bcf/day of liquefied natural gas (LNG) has been approved by the National Energy Board (NEB) for export from Canada’s west coast to new demand markets. This quantity is equivalent to 28 per cent of Canada’s production of natural gas in 2013. (Source: Statistics Canada 128-0016, NEB Export License Applications).

(Source: Statistics Canada 128-0016, NEB Export License Applications)

globeGLOBAL ENERGY DEMAND: The Energy Information Administration (EIA) most recent International Energy Outlook predicts a 64 per cent increase in natural gas demand over the next 30 years. The EIA states natural gas is becoming the fuel of choice for the power generation, industrial, and transportation sectors.


is the temperature of natural gas that has been condensed into a liquid form close to atmospheric pressure by cooling it to approximately -162 (−260°F) and known as liquefied natural gas or LNG.

How much do you pay?

How much do you pay

New Natural Gas Supply

Canada, Japan, the United States and other countries have now successfully produced natural gas from “hydrates” deposits. This opens up a new supply potential that exceeds 1,000 years of current global natural gas demand. Energy security concerns are quickly becoming a thing of the past.

Air Transport

The first ever Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) power airplane debuted at the Oshkosh Air Show this summer. This natural gas aviation fuel is about 80 per cent cheaper than aviation gasoline and has no lead content and is less emitting. Cleaner, more affordable skies are on their way.


Statistics Canada reports that natural gas distribution companies have invested over $16 billion to bring clean affordable natural gas to over 6.5 million Canadian homes and businesses. This has saved Canadians billions on their annual energy bills. Now that’s a wise investment strategy.