Issue 2, 2015

Burning Gas Oven In Kitchen

Carbon price: For every $10 per tonne of carbon price, be it from a cap-and-trade or some other form of carbon price/tax arrangement, this will add about $50 annually to the cost for natural gas for the average household in Canada.

RENEWABLE NATURAL GAS : Renewable natural gas (RNG) is natural gas (i.e. methane) produced from waste and biogas. RNG’s GHG impacts are over 8.5 times lower than they would otherwise be.

RNG facility: In early 2015, Progressive Waste Solutions opened Canada’s largest RNG facility in Terrebonne QC, where incoming landfill gas is purified to pipeline quality RNG, providing enough renewable fuel for 1,500 trucks for 20 years and eliminating approximately 1.2 million tonnes of carbon dioxide over a 10 year period. The gas is delivered through TransCanada’s pipeline system from an injection point adjacent to the facility.

Consumer Spending – Typical Household

Consumer Spending: Energy accounts for eight per cent of Canadian household spending, almost half of which is on vehicle fuels. Electricity is the next largest energy spending category at 32 per cent of the energy total. Natural gas accounts for 14 per cent of energy spending but delivers over 30 per cent of Canadian energy consumption.

Natural Gas Customers: Natural gas was used in over 6.6 million homes, businesses and institutions in Canada in 2014.

Over 91 per cent of customers were residential homes, and over 50 per cent of customers are in Ontario. Natural gas has been an increasingly popular energy choice for all customer types with an average annual increase of 100,000 new customer locations every year for the past decade.

New Natural gas Customers/User: Just over 407,000 new users of natural gas have been added in Canada since 2010. Just over 392,000 of these were new residential users who are now benefitting from the lower cost energy services that natural gas provides.

Barbecuing with natural gas costs about


less than operating a propane BBQ annually.

Source: Union Gas sur twitter