Issue 1, 2018


Oxford County’s green fleet grows: Canada’s first compressed natural gas (CNG) snow plow was added to Oxford County’s fleet this winter in an effort to meet the County’s greenhouse gas emissions reduction targets. The snow plow began clearing roads this winter. In addition, three of the County’s light trucks are now hybrid gasoline/compressed natural gas with another 15 trucks to be converted before the end of the year.




Source: Canadian Gas Association

Supporting CleanTech Companies – G4 Insights: G4 Insights Inc. is a Vancouver based company developing and commercializing a proprietary PyroCatalytic Hydrogenation (PCH) process to produce renewable natural gas (RNG). PCH is a low temperature thermochemical process that enables large scale, economic production of RNG from biomass. The RNG can be produced on a distributed basis in forestry regions and delivered to end users through existing natural gas pipelines. G4 Insights will build a demonstration plant and test the technology under actual operational conditions with a range of biomass types to generate relevant technical operating and economic data.


A natural gas fireplace will keep working during power outages, keeping you warm until power is restored.


HOUSEHOLD SPENDING AND USE OF NATURAL GAS: Statistics Canada reports that total household spending on natural gas has declined from roughly $8.1 billion in 2008 to roughly $6.4 billion in 2015. To put that in perspective, natural gas represents under 10 per cent of Canadians’ energy spending, but over 30 per cent of their energy use, outlining just how efficient, affordable and reliable this energy source is for Canadians.

Source: Canadian Gas Association

CookingCOOKING WITH GAS: Why do chefs prefer cooking with natural gas? It is because natural gas offers even, direct heat and precise temperature control, providing them with exactly the right setting for their cooking needs. Although, natural gas appliance may cost a bit more than electric applications, the use of natural gas appliances in the kitchen will save you money down the road. That’s because natural gas is an affordable and efficient energy option. In fact, the average natural gas user can save an average of $1,619 a year compared to other energy options.