Issue 1, 2016

Customers’ Involvement in Safety

  • While multiple safeguards are in place, natural gas utilities remind customers to:
  • Maintain gas appliances and fuel lines
  • Obtain locates before any excavation project
  • Report the smell of natural gas immediately
  • Be attentive to safety communications provided by utilities

Pipeline Safety: Natural gas distribution companies are committed to the safe, reliable and resilient supply of natural gas to energy customers across Canada. Natural gas pipelines, which transports one-third of the energy consumed in the country are an essential part of the nation’s infrastructure.

The direct use of natural gas maintains about


of its usable energy.

Source: Canadian Gas Association

Employment: Over 73,000 jobs are directly involved in exploring for, producing and distributing natural gas (Direct employment). The natural gas distribution industry alone employed over 15,600 Canadians (Statistic Canada, CGA).

Did you Know? Not only is natural gas an affordable and reliable energy source for space and water heating and cooking, it is also used for manufacturing everyday goods such as cell phones, credit cards, tires and trash bags.

Direct Use of Natural Gas Is the Clean, Efficient Choice

Consumers can immediately save on their monthly utility bills through converting their households to natural gas.

Expanding the Reach: With an abundant supply of natural gas providing cost savings for homeowners, businesses, and industry and environmental benefits, natural gas utilities work to expand natural gas infrastructure so that more citizens and businesses can access this energy choice. In 2014, 107,835 new customers were added.