Issue 1, 2015


LNG is an affordable and clean energy solution for northern and remote communities.

lng-icon-smLNG Delivery to NWT: For over a year, LNG has been driven in special storage containers over 3,500 km from FortisBC’s facility in Vancouver’s Lower Mainland to Inuvik, NWT for power generation. Using LNG over diesel has saved over $1 million per year and resulted in 25 per cent lower GHG emissions.

LNG Storage Technology: LNG storage tanks have double containers, where the inner contains LNG and the outside is insulation materials. There are efforts underway to further improve storage tanks to increase the time LNG can be kept in its cryogenic form. These systems will make LNG delivery to areas where year round access (e.g., mining projects which rely on ice roads) is not a possibility.



of Ontario’s natural gas consumption is used to heat homes during the winter months

Source: Enbridge Gas on twitter –

BETWEEN 2008 AND 2012, natural gas utilities have invested more than $542 million in energy efficiency and conservation programs.

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MICRO COMBINED HEAT POWER: A natural gas micro combined heat power (mCHP) fuel cell uses hydrogen fuel and oxygen to produce electricity, heat and water for homes, businesses and industry. These systems are highly efficient and virtually pollution free.

NATURAL GAS PRODUCTION: The United States produces just over five times as much natural gas as Canada does, most of which goes for their own use.