A Message from the President and CEO of CGA (Issue 1, 2018)

Timothy M. Egan - President

Reflecting on the past year, the biggest issue for our sector has been the debate over the appropriate balance between environment and economy in policy. And the issue is becoming bigger. With the federal government’s agenda to “green the economy”, many players in the energy sector are left wondering how their businesses will continue. More significantly, customers of energy – homeowners, hospital administrators, manufacturing company plant managers, school board trustees, are worried about how we will be able to afford our bills. While natural gas still offers an extraordinary affordability advantage over electricity and other energy options, the wave of new costs – from emission taxes like cap and trade and CO2 pricing regimes to clean fuel standards to methane emission regulations to various other government proposals – are adding to the expense of all energy services. Energy competitiveness, affordability, and innovation are all elements of how we deal with the current situation, and all are addressed in this issue of ENERGY. Christopher Sands discusses the certainty and uncertainty created by differential tax regimes for different North American energy markets. Our political commentators give their views on the opportunities and challenges newly elected NDP leader Jagmeet Singh has on the energy file. We get an international perspective from our friends at the Mexican Natural Gas Association on the state of their natural gas industry, where energy law reforms have created an opportunity to deliver affordable energy to great numbers of Mexican homes and businesses. Coming back to Canada, Dina O’Meara takes a close look at CGA member SaskEnergy, and how they are delivering economic growth to Saskatchewan on the back of an expanded natural gas system. And we close off the issue with an article by Dennis Lanthier, a new contributor. Dennis’ piece focuses on a company called CleanO2 and their exciting new carbon dioxide capture technology for naturel gas end-users, that is being piloted by FortisBC.

We hope you find the pieces thought-provoking as you look to the future and what is likely to be an even more active debate on our country’s energy future. Our resolution is to keep working to ensure that debate focuses on what Canadians care about – continued access to affordable, reliable and environmentally sound energy delivery.

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