Foothills Industrial Products

Foothills Industrial Products (FIP) is a leading supplier of products and services to the energy industry. Specializing in flow measurement, operational products, analytical measurement and pressure control systems, FIP has been providing solutions to the gas industry in Western Canada since 1956 with quality service and exceptional support.

Where is your company located?

We are located in Calgary, Alberta, serving customers in Western Canada from British Columbia to Manitoba.

How many employees do you have?

We employ 10 people.

What is the company’s priority over the next five years?

Our priority over the next five years is to continue to provide safe, reliable, quality products and systems to our customers in the natural gas delivery business, including complimentary training and continuous support. We will also focus on introducing new technologies that support the use of natural gas in an environmentally conscious manner, while also working with our suppliers to insure the investment in research and development meets the demands of an evolving natural gas industry.

Onsite product training provided by Foothills Industrial Products for Atco Gas.

“Onsite product training provided by Foothills Industrial Products for Atco Gas.”

What opportunities and challenges does your company face?

Our greatest opportunities are with the introduction of smart and efficient products and systems that provide greater insight into a company’s operations, allowing them to grow with increased efficiency while not sacrificing safety or reliability.

Current challenges for us and the industry include the exceptionally slow and inefficient process to certify new and innovative products by the federal government, and a lack of harmonization of provincial codes. To the detriment of the natural gas delivery industry, many new products take at least a year and a half to reach approval for sale in Canada, and for devices used to measure natural gas, the approval process has been as long as four years –  occasionally rendering the product obsolete prior to even reaching the market.

In your opinion, what will be the role of natural gas in the next 50 years?

Over the next 50 years natural gas will continue to play a central role in meeting the energy needs of Canadians, especially in the areas of heating, cooking and electrical power generation. Due to the more than 200 years of supply of natural gas, and with the low cost of production and efficient transportation, Canadians will continue to use the clean burning, safely delivered, affordable energy choice.

Our winters are cold and we live in a country where many areas need heat for two-thirds of the year, if not longer. Our industry has proven over the past 50 years that natural gas is the smart choice to heat your home, and while there is great pressure to consider energy alternatives; Canadian homes and businesses will continue to see natural gas as an affordable, clean, reliable and safe choice.