A Message from the President and CEO of CGA (Issue 2, 2014)

Timothy M. Egan - President

The positive response to issue one of Energy / Energie has encouraged us in our effort to take a different approach with our trade association magazine at CGA. We hope that issue two will build even more enthusiasm around this new forum for dialogue on energy issues. In the pages that follow, Diane Francis interviews Australian Industry Minister Ian Macfarlane on the energy file in his country.   Still on the international side, we are delighted to have a John O’Sullivan short essay on global energy trends. Bringing it home, our political commentators weigh in on how Canada plays internationally, with their reflections on the idea of Canada as an energy superpower. Canadianist Christopher Sands writes about how to build the demand market for natural gas in North America, and Dina O’Meara writes about some of the challenges facing the biggest demand market opportunity for natural gas – transportation.  And finally, we are fortunate to have newly minted Canadian Natural Resources Minister Greg Rickford share some of his initial thoughts on his new portfolio.

It’s a lot to read, but there’s a lot happening on the energy file.  It’s a truism but always worth repeating that the world depends on energy, as evidenced by the energy dimension of many global events right now – geo-politics in Eastern Europe, growth in Asia, recovery in the United States, and development in Africa to name a few. The positioning opportunity for Canada in all of this is significant. The product export path is an obvious one that we need to pursue aggressively, but the broader energy opportunity is about even more than exports. Canada has delivered affordable and reliable energy services in an unforgiving environment for a very long time. This achievement represents a wealth of experience and technology know-how which is a competitive advantage that we need to think about differently. How do we assure affordable energy for the continued success of our own country in an increasingly competitive world? How do we ensure we learn from other markets to capitalize on approaches and innovations from abroad? How do we use the energy card to build relationships that further economic growth and political stability for all involved? CGA member companies – gas delivery entities across the country – are thinking about all these questions because the competitive environment we’re operating in demands it. The content here is food for thought for us, and we hope for you the reader as well.

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