A Message from the President and CEO of CGA (Issue 4, 2015)

Timothy M. Egan - President

The final issue of Energy in 2015 speaks to many of the issues that are front and centre in the very active energy debate in Canada. Chris Sands talks about the Canada-U.S. dialogue on energy and energy infrastructure following the recent Federal election and the U.S. decision on Keystone XL.   Diane Francis’ reflections on her recent visit to the Ukraine in June where she, and others, sat down with Naftogaz Chairman and CEO Andriy Kobolev, highlights the continuing geo-political challenges where energy (and particularly natural gas) sits front and centre. Our political commentators give their views on how important the energy and environment policy discourse was during the most recent Federal election campaign. And finally Manfred Klein’s Environmental Notebook keeps energy literacy top of mind as he offers some facts and figures on natural gas. Enjoy the read, send us your comments and look for four more issues of ENERGY in 2016!

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