A Message from the President and CEO of CGA (Issue 3, 2015)

Timothy M. Egan - President

This issue of Energy provides a series of conversations with key players around innovation. Sophie Brochu, Gaz Metro’s President and Chief Executive Officer, has led her company through a period of dramatic growth in a province often considered hostile to hydrocarbons. Brochu has done this by keeping the focus on service that continuously innovates to meet customers’ needs. Gertjan Lankhorst, President of the Dutch gas global player GasTerra, talks about how natural gas plays a central role in driving energy innovation in the Netherlands and Europe.  Chris Sands and Jesse N. Barnett talk about the challenge of driving fuel innovation in the auto sector, noting that like many industries investment cycles are long and stock turns over in decades, not years.  New SDTC President Leah Lawrence, just months into her job, talks about her new role and what can be done to drive innovation in clean tech. And finally our political commentators give their views on different party messages around energy innovation in the 2015 election campaign.  We hope you enjoy the read, and that it reminds you that natural gas is front and centre in Canada’s (and the world’s) energy innovation marketplace.

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