A Message from the President and CEO of CGA (Issue 3, 2014)

Timothy M. Egan - President

This issue of Energy has a transportation focus. Jane Armstrong interviews two CEOs of two of the biggest transporters of energy by pipe in North America – Al Monaco (Enbridge) and Greg Ebel (Spectra). Chris Sands reflects on the implications of the highest profile energy transportation effort in North America, TransCanada’s Keystone project. Dina O’Meara writes about the challenges and opportunities around transporting clean and affordable energy to Canada’s North. Diane Francis interviews Seokhyo Jang, the President of the world’s largest LNG transportation shipping company, Korea’s KOGAS. Wrapping up, Transport Minister Lisa Raitt discusses energy transportation and the national agenda.

Transportation as a subject for review is always timely: we need energy to move people and goods, and we need to move a lot of energy for domestic and (growing) international markets. Canadians can easily lose site of the logistics involved in getting energy to the thermostat, the plug, or the car.  That’s an indication of the quiet success of the thousands who work in the industry to ensure that safe, reliable, affordable energy is there whenever we need it.

In a world where energy is front and centre in crises (in Ukraine and the Middle East), geopolitics (in Europe and Asia), and opportunities for supporting economic development (in Africa, Latin America, and Asia) we Canadians have an enormous opportunity to help the world with our affordable energy, by enabling its transport. So to wrap things up, we have our political commentators focus on what government’s role is in keeping it affordable.

I probably don’t need to highlight the fact that natural gas is very affordable, and has been reliably and safely transported across our country for over a century,  but I will, because it’s often forgotten. I hope you enjoy this issue of Energy!

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