A Message from the President and CEO of CGA (Issue 1, 2017)

Timothy M. Egan - President

I am pleased to present our first issue of 2017. In this edition of ENERGY we focus on the industry’s long-standing record on safety and resiliency. Canadian natural gas distribution utilities are leaders in the safe and reliable distribution of natural gas to more than 20 million Canadians coast-to-coast-to-coast. Our systems are designed, built, operated and maintained to the highest codes and standards in Canada and our industry is continuously working to enhance and improve processes and procedures around safety and security. In thinking about the continuous improvement of our system, regular columnist Dina O’Meara discusses the growing nature of cyber security threats and reviews some of the concrete steps industry has taken to mitigate these risks. Our political commentators continue on the same theme, providing their perspectives on further measures the federal government should take to enhance the security and resiliency of the energy delivery system in order to maintain reliable energy distribution for Canadians. Our Second Vice-Chair, Kelvin Shepherd, President and CEO of Manitoba Hydro, then offers his thoughts on the resiliency of the energy system in Manitoba, and discusses his company’s priorities over the next few years. Last but not least, our Washington-based Canadianist Chris Sands gives his view on the need for energy diplomacy in the midst of changing political dynamics in North America.  With such a strong safety focus in the issue, I would be remiss if I didn’t remind readers that we have a number of critical infrastructure services – such as natural gas, electricity, cable, and telecommunication services – located below ground.  As spring approaches and we think about gardens and yard work we need to think also about safe digging. Visit www.clickbeforeyoudig.com for some good advice before taking on outdoor excavation projects. Knowing what’s below can alleviate costly damages and help you and your family stay safe.

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