A Message from the President and CEO of CGA (Issue 1, 2015)

Timothy M. Egan - President

Welcome to Energy, 2015, Issue One. Last year, our pilot phase, saw three issues. All were well-received, and we have decided to up the number to four for 2015.

And we are starting strong – here’s a quick summary.

Our political commentators focus on First Nations and Canada’s energy sector. First Nations have a unique role in our Territories, and we have an interview with leaders from all three on northern energy realities. LNG is a growing northern opportunity, but also in other applications, one of which is ferries. Serge Buy, CEO of the Canadian Ferry Operators Association, talks about the growing use of the fuel for marine transport. Most LNG conversations are about potential exports, but Canada’s natural gas utilities are already exporting – Dina O’Meara interviews Fortis Inc’s executive vice president, western Canadian operations, John Walker on how FortisBC is sending LNG to Hawaii in Canada’s first Pacific LNG deal. And recently, LNG has gained even greater support with the Federal Government establishing a new Capital Cost Allowance (CCA) rate that will help support investment in LNG facilities in Canada. From there we move on to the U.S. – where American Canadianist Chris Sands discusses issues around the U.S./China accord on CO2 emissions. And on emissions, we launch a new series from retired Environment Canada scientist Manfred Klein – this time on air quality and natural gas.

I think we connected all the pieces! I hope you enjoy reading them, and as always we welcome your comments and criticisms.

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