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What Can We Do to Build Up the Good Trade Story that is Energy?

What do you think Jagmeet Singh’s priorities for 2018 should be? And, how do you think his leadership will impact the political landscape going forward?

Views from our Political Commentators: NDP, Conservative and Liberal

Businesses are Leaving Canada Because of Increasing Energy Prices – What Should Governments do to Provide Affordable Energy Solutions for Companies to Continue to Operate in Canada?

Are There Measures the Federal Government Should Take to Enhance the Security and Resiliency of the Energy Delivery System in Order to Ensure Reliable Energy Distribution to Canadians?

What’s your take on the outcome of the U.S. election and what it means for Canada with respect to energy and environment files?

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Issue 4, 2016

What’s Your Take on the New Relationship Between the Federal Government and the Provinces?

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Issue 3, 2016

Addressing Energy Poverty

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Issue 2, 2016

What do you Think the Strategy Should Look Like?

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Issue 1, 2016

What have we Learned from Canadian Voters from the 2015 Election? How Important was Energy Policy and the Environment During this Election Campaign?

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Issue 4, 2015

How can the Federal Government Help Drive Energy Innovation in Canada?

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Issue 3, 2015

What does Each Political Party want Consumers to Think About this Election?

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Issue 2, 2015

Employment Opportunity for First Nations in the Energy Sector is Significant. What More Can/Should the Federal Government do in this Area?

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Issue 1, 2015

What Can the Federal Government do to Help Keep Energy Affordable for Canadians?

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Issue 3, 2014

In Your View Can or Should, Canada Call Itself an ‘Energy Superpower’?

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Issue 2, 2014

Political Commentators on Obama’s Second Term Environmental Plan

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Issue 1, 2014